Thursday, February 23, 2012

feeling inspired....

Salaam guys! i cant believe im back after an entire year! my apologies, last semester literally drained me :(

it's crazy how when you go certain places or see a certain outfit your mind starts to come up with all these crazy cool ideas...i'm feeling slightly inspired today, so i thought id fill you guys in on a few of my tips/thoughts/rubish.

2012 fashion...whats in this spring/summer?


This season you will see lots of bright colors on the rack. When you wear a bold bright color, its enough of a statement. In my opinion; every hijabi needs colorful; loose button downs. mix and match ur hijabs, change up the top with different trousers or jeans and its easy to make 5 outfits out of just one shirt. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are two really good places to go for these, especially at a resonable price.

creamy/neautrals are also in, so mixing it with a bright green blazer would be perfect!


Of course, many insecurities fall into place when stripes are mentioned.
well, I have a solution that just might help. For starters, there are 2 types of striped. thin stripes make you look wider, because they tend to make a shape. Whereas, thick stripes make a pattern which actually confuse the eye, making u look less wide. If for any reason you still feel uncomfortable, throw on a bright cardigan to hide certain angles you dont want to draw extra attention to.

whatever you do, DONT wear vertical stripes, just because u have heard they make you look "thinner"....Not to mention they are out dated.

Stripes and leapard! always a classy look. remember, it's okay to mix and match certain prints. This is one of those rare occassions.

and to my fial piece that i would literally trade my entire wardrobe in for...MULLET or loathe?

These beauts are reffered to as "mullets" hence the hem on the dress is longer in the back and shorter in the front, giving the dress a little bit of division. Hijabi's? why cant we wear these? we actually can! the dress itself is so flowy, throw on a pair of fitter tights, preferably footed, and it would add to a more chic and classy look.

a printed mullet speaks greater volumes, and intensifies the flirtaciousness of the dress as a whole.Pair it with a neautral colored wedge or a bold chunky heel and your good to go.

not into the dresses? try the boho mullet skirt, just as cute! May require a little bit more layering than the dress, depending on which blouse/tank/shirt you pair it with.

happy thursday <3

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great Buys

Asalaam Alaikum everyone!

SO Sorry for the absense. Spring semester has officially started and i'm already working on piles of homework! :(

I guess you could say I went "School shopping" recently and I came across some really great pieces! This entry I'm going to show you all just a couple of items I purchased and where you could find them at!

From my previous entries, You guys know how crucial shoes are to completing an outfit...

These shoes screamed SPRING! I loved the combination of different colors. For a Hijabi specifically, I thought this specific pair of shoes would be very useful. You could easily match your Hijab to any of the 5-6 colors in the shoe and tie your outfit all together. Not to mention they are SO comfortable! :) I purchased these shoes at Urban outfitters located in the Galleria where I live, however you can also purchase them online at the following link. (They come in several different colors.) (type in Mary Jane in the search box to locate the shoes much quicker.)

It was LOVE at first sight when I saw these shoes..I knew I had to own them the second I laid eyes on them! haha.. These heels are actually from the new Jessica Simpson line. You actually have to see these shoes in person for you to appreciate the true beauty of them. I think the color combination is absolutely stunning, and very classy. (jessica simpson "Ely" pumps. Also come in a variety of colors. you can find her line at,, and many more.)

I have always seen girls wear these hats and look so cute in them,and I always wished that I could also. Well, there is hope! I came across this video on youtube the other day and this talented young girl gave a few tips on how hijabis could pull this look off. I'm a Huge fan of yazthespaz! check out her link for the beanie tutorial if you are interested! The Video is called "how to wear a beanie hijabi style!"
(you can also purchase these hats almost everywhere! look online for some bargain buys!)

I rarely like sequins, however this little vest did catch my eye. And after I tried it on, I could already invision what and how I would wear this. This vest could turn a casual outfit to somthing a little more upbeat or more dressy. You could dress the vest up or even dress it down. Who said sequins always have to be fancy?

you can find this vest at (one of my many favorite stores!)

Hope you All had a Great weekend! stay posted! xoxo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mango Madness

MANGO is an international brand that some of you may be familiar with. It was founded in 1984 and currently, it has more than 1,700 stores in 100 countries! how impressive is that? For those of you who arent familiar with Mango, it is one of the top international fashion retailers known for delivering European runway fashion at affordable prices. You must be thinking, "why is she giving me a history lesson??"

Well, according to the press release, Mango and JC Penney company announced earlier on for JC Penney to become Mango's exclusive department store retailer in the United Sated for the "MNG by Mango" brand.

JC Penney planned to launch MNG by Mango in 75 JC Penney stores by this fall and it is now officially available on for you to purchase online! I personally never shop here, but i'm actually pretty excited to check out the new line!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Absolute Abaya

Asalaam alaikum guys! With it being Eid Al-Adha, I thought it would be great if i dedicated an entire post to true islamic fashion. Some of my fellow followers are already aware of the basics, however for those of you who don't know much about it i want to introduce to you some really great pieces from this falls latest runway shows.

Abayas are worn religiously throughout Islamic countries. Keeping up with the latest trends, abayas have transformed into even more beautiful garments then they already were.

This Abaya designed by Amal Murad is hands down one of the most gorgeous i've ever seen! Traditional Abayas are usually plain black, however this one has a touch of the golden stitching along the neckline and sleeves.

This abaya is so fashionable! I love how it has just the right amount of red, keeping it classy and simple, yet still doing its job. However, I DESPISE those shoes. Any type of black pumps would look presentable with this abaya.

 Another favorite of mine was shown in Dubai fashion week by designer Hanayen. It has the right amount of detail on the neckline. The way the sleeves flow makes the abaya so elegant and beautiful!
Most abayas you see will be the traditional black gown, however Indian designer showed his new line of Abayas at Dubai fashion week. I thought this one was gorgeous! You could wear this to any formal occasion or special event.

Eid Mubarak to All of you! xoxo stay posted!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Leather Craze

"A fashion, that does not reach the streets, is not a fashion," According to Coco Chanel...And that leads me to my final verdict that leather pants are definitely a hot trend once again! If you have not invested in a pair just yet, i recommend it. Leather pants are a MUST for this fall/winter.

I still remember, in 5th grade my mom bought me my first pair of wide leg leather pants. Being the inpatient child i was, i wore them to school and remember tripping and falling during recess, while playing basketball, and ripping my brand new pair of leather pants. I was so devastated..Seeing how i was never able to keep up with the trend in 5th grade you can only imagine how excited i am that they are back, once again, with an even better style and edge!

People may say that leather pants are hard to pull off, well...their right.
It's a little tricky trying to balance the masculinity and femininity of the entire outfit. Givenchy model wore a pair of skinny leg leather pants with a mid-length coat....without those accessories, the outfit would not be as striking. You can pair these pants with heels or booties to make the outfit look more "girly." You don't necessarily have to wear all black, although all black looks more chic, its always fun to throw in some colors. Try a beige top and pair it with a pair of red booties. The colors will add more to your outfit, and will definitely draw more attention.

Speaking of RED ....I know these pants scream 'look at me' but definitely in a good way. They are so bold, that many accessories are not needed. Balmain's collection for winter was Brilliant. The army inspired blazer meshed so well with the red pants, that you cant help but keep staring.

Leather leggings are also another option for this Fall.When wearing these always try to wear a longer top that does cover up your assets. Since the leggings are so tight, the top must flow for the outfit to flow. if not, your outfit could be a complete train wreck.

Monday, October 11, 2010

OMG! shoes

Shoes....That word alone is so bold.What girl doesn't have a shoe fetish? Shoes, in my opinion, complete an outfit.

credit: christian louboutin

Every girl needs a pair of Nude pumps.This color is awesome, it goes with everything, and just about any color!

A look you can expect to see around for awhile is the embellished heels with the spikes. It adds a bit of edge to the shoe making it look a little more daring.

Being hijabi, i understand the frustration sometimes when trying to tie your outfit together. The more open you are towards colors, the easier your life will be. I usually attempt to match my Hijab with my shoes when putting an outfit together.

Credit:christian louboutin
This pair of Louboutin's is a legit example. The variety of colors in the shoe make it so much easier to find clothes to wear with the shoes. This oxford style pump adds a dash of femininity to the shoe.

If you aren't much of a heels person, the original oxfords are your best bet, and also my recent obsession.Not only are these shoes casual,but very attractive. 

Statistically, the first thing people look at when meeting somebody is their shoes sadly enough. Try stepping out of your box and purchasing a pair of wild shoes that you never in your wildest dreams imagined you would wear. A bold pair of shoes doesn't need much of an outfit to look good, the shoes speak for themselves.
credit: christian louboutin

There is only one word to describe Nicholas Kirkwood...FIERCE

Hands down one of the best designers of ALL time.these are defiantly what you call statement shoes. Pair these bad boys with a simple outfit and your ready to go
credit:nicholas kirkwood

credit: Nicholas Kirkwood

Monday, October 4, 2010

Harem Heaven

Harem pants are hands down one of the most controversial items of clothing since 2009. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better than this! I am a harem pant fanatic! Wearing these pants takes a lot of courage and confidence, and with a trendy top and the right accessories anyone can rock this classy/comfortable look.

This eastern-inspired look is great for hijabis. Not only are these pants elegant, they are non-clingy and very breathable..something EVERY hijabi should keep in her closet!

Credit: Balmain Fall collection

Balmain did a great job pairing these pants with detailed blazers and a pair of mid length booties. Not a fan of the shoes? Try substituting the booties with a fun vibrant color of heels...A red, Indigo, or even brown pair of heels can never fail you

Credit:Ralph lauren spring collection

When you have a statement pair of Harem pants, try not to go over board with accessories. Ralph Lauren, for example, paired a sequined pair of gold harem pants with a beige button down, keeping the colors neutral. They tied the outfit together with 2 great accessories without going overboard. Don't be afraid to wear hats... fedoras, look great with just about anything! BELTS make a HUGE difference. Always try to incorporate a belt into your outfit if possible.

Credit:Nicole Miller Runway