Thursday, February 23, 2012

feeling inspired....

Salaam guys! i cant believe im back after an entire year! my apologies, last semester literally drained me :(

it's crazy how when you go certain places or see a certain outfit your mind starts to come up with all these crazy cool ideas...i'm feeling slightly inspired today, so i thought id fill you guys in on a few of my tips/thoughts/rubish.

2012 fashion...whats in this spring/summer?


This season you will see lots of bright colors on the rack. When you wear a bold bright color, its enough of a statement. In my opinion; every hijabi needs colorful; loose button downs. mix and match ur hijabs, change up the top with different trousers or jeans and its easy to make 5 outfits out of just one shirt. Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are two really good places to go for these, especially at a resonable price.

creamy/neautrals are also in, so mixing it with a bright green blazer would be perfect!


Of course, many insecurities fall into place when stripes are mentioned.
well, I have a solution that just might help. For starters, there are 2 types of striped. thin stripes make you look wider, because they tend to make a shape. Whereas, thick stripes make a pattern which actually confuse the eye, making u look less wide. If for any reason you still feel uncomfortable, throw on a bright cardigan to hide certain angles you dont want to draw extra attention to.

whatever you do, DONT wear vertical stripes, just because u have heard they make you look "thinner"....Not to mention they are out dated.

Stripes and leapard! always a classy look. remember, it's okay to mix and match certain prints. This is one of those rare occassions.

and to my fial piece that i would literally trade my entire wardrobe in for...MULLET or loathe?

These beauts are reffered to as "mullets" hence the hem on the dress is longer in the back and shorter in the front, giving the dress a little bit of division. Hijabi's? why cant we wear these? we actually can! the dress itself is so flowy, throw on a pair of fitter tights, preferably footed, and it would add to a more chic and classy look.

a printed mullet speaks greater volumes, and intensifies the flirtaciousness of the dress as a whole.Pair it with a neautral colored wedge or a bold chunky heel and your good to go.

not into the dresses? try the boho mullet skirt, just as cute! May require a little bit more layering than the dress, depending on which blouse/tank/shirt you pair it with.

happy thursday <3

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